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"Exciting Echinoderms"
Audience: Pre-school, elementary, middle, high school and adults 

Sea stars are one of the most popular invertebrates that live on the ocean floor, but they also have many interesting relatives and cousins. These include the slippery sea cucumbers, the spiny sea urchins, the rigid sand dollars, the brittle sea stars and the feathery crinoids.

Members of this phylum have spiny skins and arms or rays in multiples of five, although some sea stars are known to have as many as 45 arms or rays.

The 45 minute programs includes a visual presentation followed by hands-on activities that allow participants to come up close and personal with some of the creatures. Emphasis is on how these organisms adapt to their environment, how they feed, survive in the ocean, as well as avoid predators and ensure their future.

Sea stars in jars from the Great Bay during a coastal floating lab


Echinoderm coloring pages