2018 Cod Population Structure Symposium

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Tuesday, June 19, 2018
8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

University of New Hampshire
Elliott Alumni Center, 1925 Room
9 Edgewood Road
Durham, NH 03824

Cod Population Structure and New England Fisheries: Furthering our understanding by integrating knowledge gained through science and fishing


This symposium will provide an opportunity to explore and discuss the current understanding of the stock structure of cod in the Gulf of Maine and southern New England regions (as well as nearby Canadian waters of Georges and Brown Bank and the Scotian Shelf). Participants will synthesize prior knowledge and new scientific findings with the on-the-water experience and observations of recreational and commercial fishermen. The symposium will contribute information to the newly formed Atlantic Cod Stock Structure Working Group focused on re-evaluating cod stock structure in U.S. waters.


  • Present recent findings among regional scientists studying Atlantic cod stock structure in U.S. and adjacent Canadian waters
  • Capture insight and feedback from fishermen on what is being observed on the  water to incorporate into the developing model by researchers
  • Identify areas of common ground in the understanding of cod population structure and areas of remaining uncertainty
  • Learn about a series of alternative management options that may be considered in the future to accommodate the evolving understanding of cod stock structure

Steering Committee

  • Adrienne Kovach – University of New Hampshire
  • Erik Chapman – NH Sea Grant/University of New Hampshire
  • Steve Cadrin – University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth
  • Lisa Kerr – Gulf of Maine Research Institute
  • Richard McBride – NOAA Northeast Fisheries Science Center
  • David Goethel – F/V Ellen Diane, New Hampshire
  • Laura Taylor Singer – Facilitator


Erik Chapman, Ph.D.
Director, NH Sea Grant
(603) 862-1935

Adrienne Kovach, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, UNH
(603) 862-1603


thumbnail of presentation for Management Approaches for mismatches between populations and stocks

Lisa Kerr & Steve Cadrin, GMRI
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Thumbnail of presentation for The Emerging View of N.E. Cod Stock Structure

Steve Cadrin, UMass, Dartmouth
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thumbnail of presentation for Population Genetic Structure of Atlantic Cod in US Waters

Adrienne Kovach, UNH
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Richard McBride, Northeast Fisheries Science Center
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thumbnail of presentation for Phenotypic Characters

Lisa Kerr, Gulf of Maine Research Institute
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thumbnail of presentation for Movement Patterns of Cod

Steve Cadrin, UMass, Dartmouth
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