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Common Seabirds Along the New Hampshire Seacoast

Learn to identify the common local seabirds as well as some of their unique characteristics.

Technology: PowerPoint presentation
Time: One hour 
Customization: Can be expanded to 1.5 hours to include additional bird biology that would be relevant to other common bird species found in NH. 

Whales that Walked

How and why a small hoofed land mammal returned to the sea and became the largest animal of all time. An evolutionary story just now being pushed further back in time. Whales closest living relatives are what? Come and find the answer.

Cedar waxwing

Tidal Pools and Who Lives in them

An exploration of the fascinating biota that can be found in the intertidal pools along the seacoast.

Technology: PowerPoint presentation
Time: 45 minutes to 1 hour 
Customization: Can be tailored in duration and content to the target audience. 


In the depths of the ocean where sun light does not penetrate, most organisms produce their own light to communicate. Bacteria, whales, and all in between utilize bioluminescence for offense, defense, and mating purposes. 

Technology: PowerPoint presentation, Videos