2012 Doyle Fellows

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Brittany Debelis (UNH Manchester; Communication Arts)
Mentors: Steve Adams and Rebecca Zeiber, Communications

Brittany Debelis 2013 Fellow During her fellowship, Brittany worked with NHSG communications staff to add videography to the program’s tool box. This included researching and purchasing video equipment and producing a video on one of Sea Grant’s new programs, the Coastal Research Volunteers. Following her fellowship, Brittany continued to work with NHSG and with UNH Cooperative Extension and, over a two-year period, guided the production of videos on N.H. Fresh and Local Seafood, the UNH Marine Docent ProgramGreat Bay and Isles of Shoals Discovery Cruises, and the internship and fellowship opportunities available through NHSG and UNHCE.

James Quadrino (Dartmouth; Biology)
Mentor: Michael Chambers, Aquaculture
James QuadrinoJames jumped in with both hands and feet to assist with a Saltonstall-Kennedy research grant. The study investigated steelhead trout's ability to submerge for prolonged periods of time in a sea cage. Occasional submergence is important when rearing trout so that you can protect them during a storm event. Trout regularly surface to gulp air and refill their swim bladder for swimming purposes so understanding their duration and depth limitations were important. During his tenure, James learned how to drive a 22' vessel, snorkel to take underwater video, sample fish, monitor and collect environmental data, and conduct bio statistics for the experiment. He was also able to interact with local fishermen and joined them on several lobster fishing trips offshore.

Sarah VanHorn (UNH; Marine Biology)
Mentor: Erik Chapman, Commercial Fisheries

Sarah VanHorn 2012 Fellow Sarah compiled a set of “fisherman profiles” that included text and a library of pictures that presented personalities and stories about N.H. fishermen and others involved with locally harvested seafood. She profiled 14 fishermen and lobstermen during her internship and her work continues to benefit our programming. This effort was intended to provide information to consumers about local fishermen, their fishing practices, and the realities of fishing on the N.H. Seacoast. This ultimately empowers consumers to make informed decisions about seafood purchasing that in many cases support our local fishing industry and sustainable fishing practices. Sarah has since gone on to co-found and manage operations for N.H. Community Seafood, a community supported fishery that provides locally harvested seafood to over 600 shareholders during three eight-week seasons a year. This operation purchases seafood from fishermen at higher prices than can be found through traditional markets and provides seafood to consumers who otherwise cannot source locally.

Ian Young (UNH; Environmental and Resource Economics)
Mentor: Julia Peterson, Coastal Communities